This is a brief outline of the training times required for different skill levels for most types of MHE.

Forklift Delivery
Forklift Maintenance
Forklift Maintenance


For refresher training on most types of forklift trucks times vary from 4.5 hours for a single delegate to 7.5 hours for the maximum of 3 delegates.

This can vary slightly for some types of vehicle but is a pretty good rule of thumb.

Experienced operators and conversions.

These times can vary quite widely  and the courses are aimed at people who have plenty of experience using the truck but for one reason or another have never been tested by an accredited trainer, or for those who have been trained on other types of MHE and are expanding their skillset.


Novice training is aimed at complete beginners or those who have had only a few hours of practice. This starts as a 3 day course for one trainee, 4 days for two and 5 days for 3 trainee's.

This is true for most types of rider operated lift trucks with only a few exceptions.




There are many types of pedestrian operated electric pallet trucks from basic low level pallet movers to high level pallet stackers with a ride on platform and because of this variety the training times vary quite dramatically.

From 2.5 hours for a single refresher on a low level to 18 hours for 3 novices on a high level stacker.

All the times quoted are a minimum number of training hours required as directed by the RTITB's NORS matrix.

I have found these times to be sufficient to train at least 95% of candidates without the need of extra training time.