Above and beyond

This video clip is of a complete novice on day 2 of his training reversing through a chicane with a load.

In his current role he will never have to operate in a tight space, just load and unload a few pallets per day.

But at Andy Cooper Training we believe that training is more than just ticking the right boxes, we want your operators to be both competent and confident when we leave.



How to simulate unloading of a curtain sided or flatbed vehicle when one is not available.

This video clip is demonstrating one way that we can simulate real life scenarios when the real thing is either unavailable or just not practical for one reason or another. 



Simulated  loading of the same vehicle.

By doing this we can better prepare your staff for real world forklift driving without the risk of slowing down operations or accidental damage to your fleet. This also helps to boost the confidence of the trainee.